About Us

M.E.A. Tec, Inc, an electronic contract manufacturer (ECM) based in Montreal, Canada, was established in 1995 to serve the existing industrial market place.

Today, M.E.A. Tec, Inc. is equipped and re-tooled to respond to a very different Canadian marketplace. Today’s market can be defined as being one of high mix, high precision assemblies.

To address these shifts an ECM must, in addition to being Lead-Free ready, be highly flexible, with rapid changeovers to meet today’s low-to-medium-volume assembly demands. M.E.A. Tec, Inc is truly pro-active in both these areas.

Our Team

  • M.E.A. Tec, Inc. employs a highly trained technical support team to provide quality assurance and knowledgeable technical expertise. Our success is built upon close personalised relationships.
  • Our goal is to continue to maintain unmatched excellence in service.
  • We are reliable, with just in time delivery. This is our commitment.
  • Our cutting-edge technologies and service match – and often surpass – those of our competitors including the larger, more esteemed, assembly houses.