Labor Only

To facilitate receiving your quotation accurately and on-time, we ask you to supply the following information with your request:

  • Bill of materials (B.O.M.): In electronic (Excel) format
  • Gerber files for the PCB
  • Any special assembly details: jumper wires, hardware mounting, any ECO’s.
  • A sample PCB: Ideally we would want both assembled and bare board.
  • The alloy and chemistry you prefer: Lead free or not, water soluble or no-clean.
  • The quantity of assemblies you need, per release. The lead time you require.


In addition to the above information:

  • The Gerber files should include the drill files (if applicable) for bare PCB mfg.
  • Your approved vendor/manufacturer listing: for each component and the bare board itself.
  • Your written approval to substitute generic parts for any component in the assembly.
  • A clear written understanding of which parts (enclosures, cables/wires, bare boards), if any, you will supply.
  • Complete drawings and specs for any enclosures or harnesses you require us to produce.